The delivery followed by the long-awaited first meeting with her child, are unforgettable moments. Moments that Saskia Lane did not have the privilege to live, being plunged into an artificial coma at the time of the birth of her daughter …

This is certainly not the way Saskia Lane envisioned giving birth to her daughter… Her mother, Becky Knight, told the English newspaper Mirror « Saskia was diagnosed with gestational diabetes while pregnant and decided not to receive the vaccine initially after worrying about the impact it could have on her daughter « . Vaccinated a few days later, she nevertheless contracted the Covid during the month of August.

« She initially felt exhausted and tired but eventually started to have difficulty breathing She continued. At 21, the young woman was finally admitted to intensive care and then plunged into an artificial coma.  » Doctors decided Betsy should be rescued immediately to help her body have the best possible chance of beating Covid « . It is therefore maintained in a artificial coma that Saskia gave birth to her daughter by Caesarean section.

A deferred meeting

Born healthy, Betsy is an adorable little girl… but a lonely little girl  » We were all absolutely devastated, we couldn’t come in and visit her as she had the Covid and Lee couldn’t meet Betsy until she was a few days old. Saskia’s mother explained. After three weeks, Saskia wakes up and meets her little girl for the first time on September 30. She also reunites with her partner, Lee Blackman, 23 years old. When she was finally woken up she was extremely confused and didn’t understand what had happened so I reassured her Betsy was fine and healthy and we gave her the chance to meet for the first times in private ».

Long-term hospitalization

Still hospitalized after serious damage to the lungs, transferred to three different hospitals, Saskia remains in intensive care  » We can’t wait for her to come home. His lung has collapsed, it’s only half the size of a normal lung » expliquait Becky Knight « She also has sepsis in her lungs and had a total of six drains, as well as a tracheostomy that left her unable to speak for three weeks when she woke up. She continued. Terrified of going home for fear of falling ill again, Saskia, also the mother of a two-year-old girl, Eliza, also suffers from postnatal depression. A situation that pushed Lee, her husband, to go part-time to take care of her two daughters during their mother’s hospitalization. To support them, the young couple’s family has launched an online fundraiser.

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