In our vast world, the most powerful are the elements that give us fresh rain and oceans, fertile soil and green, beautiful plants, fresh air and breeze, and, at all times, we can hot near bright red fire and cook something for dinner.

The legends of many peoples to be told about mystical creatures, who can control certain elements and live among humans. You cannot acquire this skill through training, as it is inherent and can be given to anyone.


For example, the young girl can become the lord of water, and the young boy can tame hot fire. And, thanks to many games on our website in which Fire and Water constantly help each other, you can meet them.


This wonderful duo cannot stay at home without adventures. They search for mysterious places, where they can find many treasures, and meet many dangers. Their countless adventures in the Temple Forest lasted for a bit of games, and long roaming through the Labyrinth leads to the real Phantom Wrath of the Temple, which is hard to escape. Some places, where they have been, have been very stressful for the girl and the boy both physically and mentally, that they even start frighteningly fighting Fire against Water, and its outcome is not easy to predict. But the real friendship of our heroes to overcome even the hardest obstacles, so that the children managed to save each other’s lives, and at the end of the exciting adventures to come home.


The fame of the Fire and Water game series should result in several flash games based on them. Fans of the Water girl and Fire boy will surely want to meet enchanting Twin Cat Warrior or brave Knights, who are not afraid of hardships. Even the little Prince and Princess and brave of Fire and Ice went on these adventures, and each of them are ready to help each other.


Each game on the portal is not only capable of granting a lot of pleasant emotions to the players. Playing together, you can build a good relationship with your friends and learn to contribute voluntarily anytime.

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